Drone Services

Take to the sky and record your project from a birds eye view. Record, be  proud and advertise what you have built.


“Make the team proud. Share with them an overview of what they have built.”

Drones services

CLS-Build can help you with Drone aerial and progress survey requirements. We can supplement any surveys with ground photography options, giving your planning teams time to take all details in and plan in greater quality, and from a birds eye view of the project.

Advertise the work that the project has done, check progress on site, see how far you have come from a different perspective, or viewing those hard to access areas….

Access difficult locations, surveying areas without the cost of having to plan and procure scaffolding, specific skillset labour and deliveries, platforms, MEWPS etc.

Avoid working at height where possible with the use of hi-resolution DRONE options to gain the information required.

Be far more efficient and send a drone, saving you time walking the route multiple times when you can have the planning, and reguar update footage, to view as many times as you choose, from the comfort of the office, meeting room and presentations.

  • Both indoor and outdoor survey recordings available
  • Survey difficult to access areas under bridges
  • Live viewing as well as footage recordings
  • Dilapidation Surveys
  • Planning packages including area and volume services
  • Construction, Aviation, Rail and Civil Projects
  • Volumetric and Topographical surveys.
  • Dilapidation reports
  • Progress reports, works completed on a month by month basis.
  • Monitoring Environmental progress.
  • Media & Advertising footage.
  • Project fly throughs
  • Client reports and progress updates

CLS-Build will arrange all necessary applications for local approvals and permissions to complete all surveys. Additional security clearance, and permissions, may be required on certain projects however each case is reviewed on an individual basis. 

We have Civil Aviation Authority approvals, experience and the skills to operate commercial drone operations nationwide.

Aviation drone useage is obviously a very political suject of late however, we have in the past operated within airfield environments, with individual permissions received, to survey & supply media footage.

Get in contact to find out more.

We have Drones and CSCS approved operators available now.

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Where & how can we assist you?

Get in contact with CLS-Build to discuss your requirements and we will advise where we can help you with our range of services or a bespoke package to suit your project specific criteria.

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