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CLS-Build can supply you with a wide range of plant and HGV equipment to fit your Construction, Civil or Aviation project.

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Health & Safety

 Safety is of paramount importance to us as we work closely with each other,

We are a small close knit team. support each other and understand fully the implications of not planning or operating safely within industry.

CLS-Build operate within the Construction, Logistics and Aviation industries, all of which are are incredibly challenging environments and sectors to work within.

The Health and Safety of our team, our clients, those present in and around our operations and our supply chain is of paramount importance to us. To get everyone home at the end of each day, safe and well is a succesful day for us at CLS.

Our Promise.

  • Do the right thing, the right way.
  • Understand what you have been briefed, before every shift.
  • Stop, reasses, re-plan, inform and re-commence when some has changed.
  • Intervene and report, where something doesnt feel right.
  • Only ever become a positive safety statistic.
  • Go home safely at the end of the day.


CLS have been established and operating at Heathrow since 2008. We have a succesful history of working in the fast paced, safety critical and very diverse environments, throughout various sectors of the logistics and construction aspects of airport operations.

We support our teams, training, briefing and mentoring to ensure that they are always readily informed and aware of their work environment.

CLS is a FORS Bronze member.

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