CLS-Build can offer you a large range of services suited for the Construction, Civil,  Aviation, Logistics and Utility protection industries. 

We are tuned in to construction requirements, and know what standards are expected.



Project Management

CLS-Build can provide project management services for your project.

We offer a wide range of experience in Aviation, Civil construction and Utility sectors of the construction industries.

Site Management & Pre Construction

With 20 years experience in the construction industry we know first hand how critical it is to a project to be successful in finding the right dedicated, experienced and hard-working staff.

Utility Protection & Surveys

CLS-Build offer a wide range of Utility and survey packages.

We can support your project with trained, experienced & competent utility location service/utility locators, service coordinators & management of utility diversion works.

Site Engineering & Surveying

CLS-Build can provide you experienced site engineering and surveying personnel to suit your project requirements.

Building, Refurb & Maintenance

CLS-Build can provide a wide range of refurbishment packages, breathing new lift into buildings, expanding to increase capacity and commercial space. 

Logistics & Cleaning

CLS are extensively experienced in Aviation and Construction logistical services. We can help with very difficult and time consuming processes, improving on logistical services.

CAD, Revit & BIM

CLS-Build can offer CAD, Revit and BIM packages, assisting your project with state of the art software skills, planning and tender processes.

Drone Services

CLS-Build can help you with Drone aerial and progress survey requirements. 

Take to the sky and record your project from a birds eye view. Record, be  proud and advertise what you have built.

Technical, Planning & Design

CLS-Build offer a range of design, temporary works and planning services, to suit your project or tender requirements.

Find out how we can assist.

Labour & Resourcing

CLS-Build can supply you with a wide range of CSCS approved, experienced and skilled personnel to suit your project requirements.

Airside passed Skills and Labour are available.