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“Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet.”

Henry Mintzberg

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Site Management & Professional Services

With 20 years of experience in the construction industry CLS knows first hand what it means to a project to be successful in finding the right dedicated, experienced, and hard-working staff.

CLS Build can provide you approved, vetted, and experienced site management to suit various construction and civil project requirements and can assist construction projects during those peak staffing demand periods.

CLS can provide management staff for various construction sectors, project-based or backroom staff,  providing experienced, and qualified staff to meet your requirements.

With hands on-site experience in a wide range of civil engineering projects, we can provide packages or weekly coverage options based around construction planning, quality, environmental, financial, and procurement management, developed specifically to meet the needs of the project, client, and or stakeholders.

We currently have the capacity to provide dedicated and experienced staff to projects nationwide, London and the southeast.

A range of package options are shown listed below:

  • Pre-construction managers
  • Project Managers
  • Site Agents, to manage projects or packages of work
  • Construction Management & Supervision of works
  • Sub Agents and Section Engineers
  • General Foremen / Foreperson
  • Section Foremen / Foreperson
  • Health and Safety advisors


CLS-Build can offer Aviation sector experienced staff to assist with all types of aviation construction requirements.

CLS can provide Airside vetted and security passed staff for Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted, keeping your administration costs and application durations down.

To assist with mobilisation, and regular transport constraints, CLS can provide you with Airside approved drivers and vehicles for Heathrow projects

We currently have the capacity to provide Aviation dedicated and experienced staff to projects in London and the south east.

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Related Services

Site Engineering & Surveying

CLS-Build can provide you experienced site engineering and surveying personnel to suit your project requirements.

Utility Protection & Surveys

CLS-Build offer a wide range of Utility and survey packages.

We can support your project with trained, experienced & competent utility location service/utility locators, service coordinators & management of utility diversion works.

Drones services

CLS-Build can help you with Drone aerial and progress survey requirements. 

Take to the sky and record your project from a birds eye view. Record, be  proud and advertise what you have built.

Where & how can we assist you?

Get in contact with CLS-Build to discuss your requirements and we will advise where we can help you with our range of services or a bespoke package to suit your project specific criteria.

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