Utility Protection & Surveys

CLS-Build offer a range of underground utility location services, utility surveys, management and coordination of utility diversion works.

We are experienced in safe excavation methods and control for UK Construction, Aviation construction and Civil engineering sectors, in line with industry best practice, PAS 128 and HSG 47 requirements.

For assistance with utilities on your project

Undeground utility interface coordination, location surveys & protection services

CLS-Build can support your project with trained and competent service locators,  experienced in service utility surveying and locating.
We can provide you with onsite service protection resource, ensuring safe working procedures are adhered to.

Our utility service locators are QCF level 3 and level 5 Utility mapping and surveying qualified, and extensively experienced in preparing a work area ahead of gang works commencing, and competent in how to put teams to work around underground services, following a site briefing.

Bespoke packages can be prepared to suit project specifics including, but limited to, the below options:

    • Site mark ups pre works commencing
    • EML (CAT & Genny) utility trace, site mark ups and surveys
    • Provision and management of Permit to dig processes
    • Supervision and management of safe activities, and excavations, around buried services
    • Service coordination and utility diversion roles
    • PAS 128 Topographical surveys
    • Underground utility surveys
    • Provision of up to date service information for site teams
    • Stat pack production services

CLS-Build operate with advanced EML equipment, covering a complete non-intrusive/non-destructive survey of the requested coverage areas to include safety service protection zones. This, coupled with the STAT record searches, enables a far superior understanding of what constraints a project will experience. Using this service can inform tender and design teams, allowing advanced preparations for consultation with utility asset owner protection teams for potential diversion or modification requirements.

Early planning, and management of interface with utility owners, is paramount in reducing the impact on construction programmes, whilst also improving the information available to the site construction teams, considerably reducing the chance of service strikes on projects.

We can also create and manage an electronic live site services model which combines:

  1. Existing Desktop results information.
  2. Design information
  3. Survey information
  4. Addition of progressive trial holes results/surveys
  5. Progressive As-built information (used to feed back to clients progressively throughout the project)
  6. Newly located services throughout the works

The entire above process ensures that site teams can see, and protect, sensitive services and hazards in real time, throughout the entire project lifecycle. The processes can then be lead by trained service coordinators or, depening upon the size of the project and responsibility allocations, management staff with specific training and suitable experience.

CLS-Build currently partner with experienced sub-contract providers to offer GPR services and a complete underground survey package option.

Consider supplementing any utiltiy mark up and survey works with our Drone and aerial footage services, to develop a complete picture of of the area, ideal for planning and tender preparations. See our Drone Services page, link shown below.

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