‘Build our future together’

Let’s Build Something Together

CLS-Build values are key to how the culture of our company is engrained in all of our team.

Our Values help us to remain consistent with our business approach.


CLS-Build recognize that we will not be perfect in every aspect of our business operations however we will strive to continuously learn and improve from both our mistakes and our successes, to continually meet our client needs.

We believe that the best way to grow is through seeking first to always understand our clients, our staff and all stakeholders requirements, by listening openly to their feedback, suggestions and criticisms and working toward shared success, and a satisfied end result for all.


CLS-Build are committed to our clients, our staff, our supply chain, the quality of our service and end product, the training and support of our team, the safety and wellbeing of our team, our business model and our promise.


If there is a more effecient way of completing a task, an improvement to how we operate, to better the safety of our team members, assist in how we handle data or offer an improvement to how we manage our sites then CLS-Build will explore improvements and consider updating  methods.

We will reguarly explore the adoption of new technologies where improvements can be identified by our team in assisting in the reduction of our impact on the environment, can offer improved profitabilty, can reduce workload for our teams or can improve the safety standards we operate inside.


We respect our team, our customers, our suppliers, our stakeholders and the services that we provide to all. 

CLS-Build will never take our clients and customers for granted. We listen, we discuss improvements, we adopt change and we continually ensure that our services meet that of our customers.

We appreciate our customers, our staff and our stakeholders.

We strive always to leave a lasting impression.


We respect and are committed to our people. CLS-Build in turn request that these behaviours are resciprocated.

We support, mentor, coach and train our team to provide the best service and operate as effeciently as is possible at all times. 


CLS-Build is building a lasting business. A business striving and targetting to be invited to tender on all our regular clients project requirements.

CLS-Build strives to have a business model that encourages our teams and clients trust, supports, and always delivers quality of service and value for money, whilst being effective and sustainable and supporting the strength of our business.

Where and how can we assist you?

Get in contact with CLS-Build to discuss your requirements and we will advise where we can help you with our range of services, or we can provide a bespoke package to suit your project specific criteria.

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